Multimode Traffic Survey

One of the primary objectives of the Multimode traffic survey is to assess the effectiveness of existing transportation systems and identify areas that require improvement. By analyzing data collected from different regions and urban areas, transportation authorities can make informed decisions about infrastructure development, road expansions, and traffic management strategies.

The Multimode traffic survey is a comprehensive effort undertaken to gather valuable data and insights regarding transportation patterns and trends across the United States. Conducted at various intervals, this survey plays a vital role in understanding the complexities of traffic flow, congestion, and the overall state of transportation infrastructure in the country. Utilizing a variety of methodologies, including manual counts, automated sensors, and cutting-edge technology, the survey aims to capture a wide range of information.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive and accurate traffic survey data through our Multimode Traffic Survey. We aim to empower transportation planners, engineers, and researchers with valuable insights into traffic patterns, congestion levels, and travel behaviour. By collecting data from various modes of transportation, including vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit, we strive to enhance the understanding of urban mobility and facilitate the development of efficient and sustainable transportation systems.

Our vision is to become the leading platform for multimode traffic survey data analysis and visualization. We envision a future where data-driven decision-making in transportation planning is accessible, efficient, and impactful. We aim to bridge the gap between data collection and actionable insights, enabling our users to make informed decisions about infrastructure improvements, traffic management strategies, and sustainable transportation solutions. We aspire to contribute to the creation of safer, more efficient, and sustainable cities, where people can move seamlessly and enjoy a higher quality of life.